2024 State of the League Address

April 10, 2024 - After one hell of a run, DaMan has given me the keys to this beautiful league and I’m excited to drive it forward.  I appreciate his vote of confidence and wanted to start by thanking him for all his hard work over the years.  While I don’t expect a lot to change, there’s a couple changes that I wanted to make sure everyone knew about.

League Staff and Transaction Team

The league has voted on this year’s LAB and I’m excited to work with Para, Larry, Clap and K2r on making sure the league runs smoothly.  In addition, BBNH is going to stay on as Assistant Commissioner moving forward.

One major change: This upcoming season we’ll be making the change to a transaction team, instead of a sole BBSFL transaction secretary.  That team will be BuffaloMatt, K2r and myself.  The change shouldn’t affect the way any of the league’s procedures work, but the goal is to ensure that all transactions are processed in a timely manner.  

League Schedule

DK Sports has announced that this year’s version of the SIM software is scheduled to be released on April 25th.  That falls in line with the league’s schedule for 2024.  Therefore, we’ll keep the May 12th deadline for “Re-Signings, Practice Squad, 4th Year Options and New Owner Cuts.”  Trading will officially open on May 13th (please hold off emails for now).  It may be helpful to use the Official 2024 Roster Sheets and prelim ratings to plan your contracts and roster moves in advance.

Second, the schedule for both drafts will stay the same.  HOWEVER, I expect early, “soft” openings for both.  We moved up the trade deadline before the FA draft to allow for a weekend start and there’s no barriers to opening the rookie draft early (potentially a week prior to scheduled slots).

Free Agent Pick Tournament

Last year, the league voted to add the Free Agent Pick tournament to determine seeding in the FA Draft.  Personally, I feel like the change was a great success.  With that said, the LAB agreed to one small change to the format.  Moving forward, the four “worst” teams in the league will receive the bye in the tournament.  Instead of the “best” four like in 2023. 

FA Pick Tournament Official Rule

Rule Book

Lastly, we recently recreated the official BBSFL Rulebook in a Google Doc.  The goal was to make it accessible on the website without requiring access to the Billievers boards.  It is way too big, but it does allow prospective members to get an idea of how the league operates.


Official BBSFL Rulebook 

Announcement Werewolves Becomes a Unicorn

London Werewolves Press Release | The Werewolf Becomes a Unicorn

June 13th, 2023

When owner CR9 took over a London franchise in 2012 riddled with scandals, the expectation was that he would begin anew with fresh branding representative of a new era. Instead, he embraced the Werewolf. The team moved from the land of wildfires (Canada) to the land of tea and crumpets (England) and through years of shrewd management and coaching, he was able to forge a new path replace with success, joy, and public admiration without a direct change to the teams likeness. As the wunderkind owner becomes a wise old man, it is time for a change. A change representative of the shift from being a ferocious night slayer to a one-of-a-kind legend. The Werewolf is now a Unicorn.

The Unicorn symbolizes uniqueness and unimaginable beauty. The perfect showcase for the personality of the teams owner and the type of player (e.g., Will Levis) the franchise hopes to continue to bring on board.

Without further ado, we proudly introduce the franchise formerly known as the London Werewolves...the DC Unicorns.