Announcement Werewolves Becomes a Unicorn

London Werewolves Press Release | The Werewolf Becomes a Unicorn

June 13th, 2023

When owner CR9 took over a London franchise in 2012 riddled with scandals, the expectation was that he would begin anew with fresh branding representative of a new era. Instead, he embraced the Werewolf. The team moved from the land of wildfires (Canada) to the land of tea and crumpets (England) and through years of shrewd management and coaching, he was able to forge a new path replace with success, joy, and public admiration without a direct change to the teams likeness. As the wunderkind owner becomes a wise old man, it is time for a change. A change representative of the shift from being a ferocious night slayer to a one-of-a-kind legend. The Werewolf is now a Unicorn.

The Unicorn symbolizes uniqueness and unimaginable beauty. The perfect showcase for the personality of the teams owner and the type of player (e.g., Will Levis) the franchise hopes to continue to bring on board.

Without further ado, we proudly introduce the franchise formerly known as the London Werewolves...the DC Unicorns.