Welcome to the bbsfl

If you like fantasy football, but you're looking for something a little more realistic and a lot more in-depth, you just might be interested in the Buffalo Bills Simulation Football League (BBSFL).  

What is a simulation league you ask? Well, it's fantasy football on steroids. In this league, each team is responsible for drafting and maintaining a full 53 man roster, managing the salary cap, and game planning each week for opponents. This isn't your Grandma's Fantasy Football League.  After you sign your own free agents, we hold a Free Agent draft and Rookie draft every year.  Trading both picks and players is allowed (and fun!).

Quick Rundown of the Simulation Football League


League Schedule

Wondering when the FA Draft starts? Want to know when transactions are due?  Use this link to find the latest BBSFL yearly schedule.

Click to See Schedule

Middy's Annual FA Mock

The greatest mind in the Free Agent Mock Draft game, Midwest, has dropped his initial 2024 Mock.  Who does he have your team taking? 

Middy's 2024 Mock Draft 

BBSFL's Slack! Channel

For most league communications (trade talks, quick messages, etc),  team owners use the app Slack.  Quick link to league's Slack channel:

Click to go to Slack! 

interested in joining the league? email